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Bat Country Clothing - mens & womens geek humour shirts, free shipping

Welcome to our store. We are a small T-Shirt brand established in a time before the era which you now refer to as "2013". When exactly that is cannot be pin-pointed at this time due to records lost in the great tragedy of not actually having any records and no recollection of when it was we first started.

We try to "keep it real" in the sense that most things in life generally are "real" except when MTV puts a bunch of crazy people in a house and plys them with alcohol.

We are strong believers in laughter being essential to enhancing quality of life - but that the best kind of laughter is the kind that comes from understanding and earning the right to laugh at something you indeed know to be funny.

In short - we prefer "Abstract" humour and parody.

We are slightly nerdy T-Shirt brand and this is our manifesto.

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