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About us

Hi!  If you haven't already read the home page you might not know that we are a small humour-themed clothing company.  I won't bore you with re-iterating that so if you have not read it you will just have to take my word for it.  I mean, seriously, just click the logo in the top left and go read - it really is some of our greatest written work.

All good?  Ok

Why humour?  Why clothing?  Well laughter can cure all ills, if people just laughed a bit more and did hateful things a bit less then the world would be just a bit more awesome.  As for clothes - well they provide a convenient means for expressing this ability to make people laugh.

BC Clothing was started in Auckland but moved to sunny Nelson and has thrived ever since.  Although we do not have a physical store at present - feel free to contact us; we can sometimes do special orders straight out of the Bat Cave.  You can also find us at The Nelson Markets on a Saturday - if we are not there, again check with us on the contact us page where we will probably give some lame excuse.


The Team

The Boss

The Boss

Hi I run this small setup. From design to digital. FTP to package delivery. You wont find me at the end of a difficult level or when your 32-bit plane lands in Thailand after defeating Sagat but you will find me working long into the night trying to realise a dream whilst listening to obscure hiphop on youtube. Or at the Nelson Markets on a Saturday and if you do, say Hi!

Customer Service / Security / Human(?) Resources

Hi I am a dog, but dont let that fool you. I have big plans for being a superstar bigger than Beyonce! For now I keep the boss company, insisting he do exercise with me at least once a day and greeting the nice man in the red van who comes to pick up the packages.